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Guild Wars 2 - Lion's Arch

Tyria Times – Second Beta Weekend and Update

Last weekend was the second beta weekend for Heart of Thorns. We were able to test the specializations for more classes. They announced the thief specialization, daredevil, last week and it got me excited. A melee staff already sounded nice (I like it on revenant as well), but the skills are great. I created a second beta character, a thief, to try it out. It’s as awesome as I expect it to be. I don’t usually like melee, because in group events it’s easier to play ranged. The daredevil has an extra endurance bar so you’ll be able to dodge more often and you definitely need it. I think it’ll get easier with the right built and equipment. That requires some tinkering and I suspect that they’ll still balance some things. Definitely one to try out in PvP.

This beta event revealed a new part of Verdant Brink. It’s the first map you’ll encounter in the heart of the Maguuma. During the first beta weekend, we only had access to the middle biome, while this weekend, we got to see the canopies as well. I finally got to try out some gliding and dropping down from the highest trees.

I played some Stronghold PvP matches. It’s the new PvP mode where you have to summon mercenaries with supplies to break through the enemy’s gate and kill their lord. It’s more strategic, which I like, but playing with people who don’t know the mode can be a pain in the butt. I don’t play PvP to win though, I always play for fun. So losing is a bummer, but not the end of the world for me. I know leagues are coming, but I won’t bother to rank. I know I’m not a good player so my rank won’t be very high anyways.

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