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Screenshot Saturday #6

Dragon Age: Origins - Alistair

Some things NPCs say… Oh, Alistair. You’re a big idiot some times.. Most times.

Screenshot Saturday #5

Guild Wars

I’m still working on filling out my Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars and you can see some progress here.

Screenshot Saturday #4

Diablo III - The Treasure Realm

Greed: The Baroness of the Treasure Realm. This is bonus level which you can find in a portal left by a treasure goblin.

Screenshot Saturday #3

Civilization: Beyond Earth

Civilization: Beyond Earth. I’m playing as Kavithan Protectorate and following the harmony affinity path.

Screenshot Saturday #2

Guild Wars 2 - Fractals of the Mists - Cliffside Fractal

Save the Collosus in the Cliffside Fractal. Gain an achievement by bowing to him when he turns around and salutes.

Screenshot Saturday #1

League of Legends - Poro King Wins

The Poro King last hits the nexus of enemy team

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Guild Wars 2 Fiction

Miira Lightbringer:
Fried Moa Steak
Quiet Before the Storm

Young Miira:
Tail Tugging Part 1
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Badazar Incarnated Part 5
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Savyrius Belain:
We Meet Again...

Naella Ysangwan:
Dogs and Ogres

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