Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

A new patch hit this week with something new. Now that the Living World has turned into a Saga, they’re no longer bound by linear storytelling. The new patch with the title Steel and Fire has a different kind of story, namely, that of Ryland.

The New

For those that haven’t played the new saga yet, Ryland is a new character who’s not on your side. So playing as him is definitely interesting. You get a view you didn’t have before as the story followed the commander and never strayed.

I really like this side story, not for what it is (yes, it’s still amazing), but for what it represents. The storytelling is no longer written from one point of view. We can jump into any perspective now and see what’s happening at places where we’re not present. Also, the scrying pool isn’t time-bound. We can go back in time and relive those stories. What if the key to overcoming this is a story in the past instead of the future?

The patch also comes with new skins, two new legendary trinkets, and a ton more stuff. The new currencies can be used to unlock a new armor set, runic armor. It looks pretty good and seems not to be out of my league, which I’m especially happy with.

The Old

Eye of the North is returning with a new map. The 2012 version is still available as an option in the scrying pool. But it’s the new map where it’s all happening. Aurene’s presence is clearly visibly with the new crystals forming all around the map. The Crystal Bloom is standing around, talking to no one in particular. And there’s this weird writer with his collection. I have no idea why he’s there but maybe we’ll find out later.

With the return of Eye of the North, a few missions from the Living World Season one returned as well. You need to pick up a memento for each of the missions located near the old missions before you can do them.

I’ve yet to try one of the missions but I really do want to experience them again. The first season was enjoyable even with the amount of dead people by the end. I’m just sad we’ll never get to do the battle for Lion’s Arch again. Or the destruction. Or the final battle of Scarlet Briar. I remember the fight and how impressive if it was with everyone working together to bring down these huge structures. I loved it and I hope we’ll get it back someday.


The other thing I’m really excited about is the other announcement: The third expansion. They sneakily announced it in the last paragraph of their update post. A place you’d normally skip if you already found the information you’re looking for. The image at the end also spoiled it a little as it features distinct Canthan architecture. We’re going back to Cantha with the third expansion and I’m excited. It’s definitely motivation to finish the Saga content and maybe finally finish a legendary. So I can look pretty going back there. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally finish Factions too.

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