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Headache Of The Decade

Like always, I have my health issues to keep me company when I feel the most relaxed. When I’m in bed, for example. Yesterday morning, I felt a vertebrae in my neck shift. It might have been the thing that caused the major headache almost a month ago. That would mean it’s now either right or very wrong. I’d like to think it’s right since I can still watch Community and look at the screen, but I can’t do too much. My head won’t let me.

Just after it happened, I felt the blood rush to my head, slowly getting back to the places it couldn’t reach easily before. It’s a weird sensation, feeling your blood flow. It’s an even weirder sensation to hear your neck crack, feel something shifting, and not dying? I don’t know. I’ve experienced so many weird bodily things over the year, so why not add one more.

I really hope my headache will finally improve now, and I’ve to work on the stability of my neck so it doesn’t happen again. I’m used to headaches, but this one was different from my regular headaches. Not being able to do words is terrible, especially for a writer and blogger. With yesterday’s nudge, I’m back in active recovery mode (besides the mauling from Shiro earlier that week). So I don’t know how my writing will go and I still have to finish editing a short story before Friday.

Despite having drafts lined up for this week, I have no idea if/when they’ll be written. Maybe I’m going with something entirely different. I don’t know yet. Maybe tonight’s sleep will give me more enlightenment.

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  • Chestnut17/04/2020 at 13:48Reply

    I’m so glad you’re starting to feel better! It’s a really weird sensation feeling something pop that maybe shouldn’t, and then feeling your blood rush. My knees and back do that, and it’s just so… strange.

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