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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Yes, I know I’m a day early, but I know people usually have plans on the 31st and it’s a saturday. I wrote a small Halloween story with some of my characters appearing. Half of them you’ve already met in other stories, a few you haven’t, yet. I do have stories about them, but I really want to finish young Miira’s story line right now.

Another note on writing. Some of you have already seen me mentioning it on Twitter. I’ll be taking part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year. It’s a global event for anyone who wants to sit down and write a novel. The goal is to write 50.000 words in the 30 days of November. And that’s what I hope to do. Starting this sunday I’ll be writing 1667 words a day. Since I still work full time and have to spend two hours a day commuting, I probably won’t have much time to work on my fanfics.

Miira and her warband will be back the 4th of December, ready to kick butt. Get ready to meet Tarakona Kohimuhimu and Kaibush Treewood (yes, my names are crazy) and enjoy the story!

“Does this dress make me look fat?” Naella looked in the mirror, arching her back so she could see her butt.

“Your ass looks fine. Some men like it a bit bigger. Don’t worry!” said Tarakona. She tried on the least covering outfit. Naella eyed her with a judgmental look. “What? I don’t mind showing a bit of skin. I love my body, so why should I hide it?”

“I’m sorry,” Naella said. “I’m not used to women showing skin. The only women in Divinity’s Reach who do, are from a, well… You should do whatever you want, I just wouldn’t wear it.” She looked down slightly embarrassed.

“No worries. I’ve spent enough time in all layers of Divinity’s Reach to know what you’re talking about. Do you have noble blood?” Tarakona made sure her boobs didn’t fall out of the skimpy Lich outfit.

“I’ve been raised by a noble family, yes. My real parents died when I was very young. This couple was kind enough to take me in and raise me as their own.” Naella looked through the clothing rack trying to find a better dress. “What’s a norn doing in Divinity’s Reach? I don’t believe there are many, except merchants.”

“I’ve been just about everywhere. I left my homestead at a young age to explore the world. It didn’t feel right to stay there. I’ve been looking for a home ever since, but I haven’t found it yet. On the upside, I did make a lot of friends. And enemies, haha! I’m sure the svanir would rather run away than fight me again.” Tarakona stood in the middle of the room in her Lich outfit, with her hands on her hips and feet spread apart.

Naella giggled softly.

“There’s a smile, finally! That’s the first smile I’ve seen on your face.” Tarakona said. “You’re always so serious. Cheer up, have some fun. Not everyone is dieing today.”

“No, they’re returning from death. And while I wish some people stayed dead, maybe I’ll see some very welcome faces as well.” Naella said with a smile still on her face.

“And don’t you forget to have fun at the party. I’ll be watching you.” Tarakona grinned. “Maybe you’ll even find someone to take home.”


“All of these outfits make me look silly. Why don’t they have any headpiece made for snouts? And what about my tail? Am I just supposed to keep it in my pants?” Miira was struggling with one of the outfits. It fit, partially.

She tried to put on the headpiece when one of her horns pierced and ripped it. “Oops. See? That’s what I mean. I need a costume without a headpiece and with a skirt.”

The shopkeeper started searching for an alternative costume for Miira, while Miira undressed. The shopkeeper returned to the dressing room with a dress and a blushing face. “Miss, I think I found something. It’s not really a costume, but you can wear it. It’s a charr wedding dress.” she said as she handed over the dress and left.

Miira took the dress and held it before her. She never thought of getting married, so this was the first time she had seen a charr wedding dress. Weddings weren’t common in the Black Citadel. Most charr thought it was irrelevant to register their union. Being someone’s mate is deeply personal and not anyone’s business, so why make it a formal event and register it?

Miira thought about what marriage might be. It’s romantic; two people who announce the world they choose each other for the rest of their lives. The human family life is very different from what she experienced. Her warband was her family and she still felt that Primus Bayn was more of a father than her sire ever was.

She tried it on and looked in the mirror. The dress fit perfectly. She was used to her full body armor that wearing something made from cloth and form fitting felt strange. The purple and green colours stood out against her white fur. Miira decided she would wear it for the night.

Miira walked out of her dressing room and waited until Naella and Tarakona were done. Tenise would meet them at the party as she already had her outfit figured out. Miira heard the two women laughing in their shared dressing room and wondered if she could find a friend like that.


Savryius took a Canthan outfit from the rack and walked towards the dressing room.

“Dude, why are you taking a dress?” laughed Torruhk.

“It’s not a dress. It’s a Canthan robe fit for an emperor.” Savyrius explained.

“It certainly looks like a dress to me.” Kaibush said.

“Halloween is my one chance to be whatever I want to be, and tonight I want to be an emperor.” he said, closing the curtain of his dressing room.

“I bet he just wants to wear a dress without everyone laughing at him. It’ll probably still look ridiculous.” Torruhk snorted.

“I heard that!” Savyrius shouted annoyed.

“Or he just couldn’t find a princess dress and opted for the next best thing in the line of royalty.” Kaibush grabbed a dark outfit with metal guards. He wasn’t out for attention and still preferred to be in stealth. This outfit would help him to stay out of sight. He wasn’t sure if the Lion Guard were still after him.

“I heard that too!” Savyrious shouted again.

Torruhk was the only one of the three without a costume. He came to Lion’s Arch for Miira and wanted to match her outfit. Even when things weren’t official between them, he still wanted to show her he cared. He browsed the charr outfits and found a suit. It might not match Miira’s outfit, but at least he would look good for her, he thought.


Tenise was waiting for the others before the building housing the new bank vaults. It looked like a squid, she thought. Lion’s Arch was rebuilt after Scarlet’s attack and it never looked more beautiful. Tenise liked to wander around the city, but Divinity’s Reach would always be her home. The people from Lion’s Arch had really done a great job at decorating the city for the arrival of the Mad King Thorn. Tenise had witnessed the first arrival of the old King, when he destroyed the iconic statue of the lion at the center of Lion’s Arch. Now it was grand plaza without statues, but really a meeting place where hundreds of people could gather and celebrate.

Tenise saw Tarakona first. The tall dark norn stood out from the rest. It was uncommon to see a norn with a dark skin like her. Tarakona once told her she liked sunbathing. Southsun Cove was one of the places where she could relax. Slaying Karkas, tanning and cocktails.

Tarakona waved at Tenise. Then Tenise saw the other women as well, all dressed up. Not soon after the men arrived as well.

“Well, have at you. Look at that. The charr couple are both wearing bridal clothing. Is this a hint?” Tarakona crossed her arms and grinned at the two.

Miira blushed and Torruhk grinned back.

“You look beautiful, Mi. Just seeing you in that dress is almost enough to make me want to marry you.” Torruhk said with a wink.

“Now we just need a man for you, Naella.” Tarakona nudged her friend.

“If you don’t mind the dress, there is one.” Kaibush pointed to Savyrius.

The women laughed while a grimace appeared on Savyrius’ face.

“Come, let me treat you to a drink.” Naella hooked her arm around Savyrius’ arm and walked with him to the catering. A blush appeared on his face.

The others followed with Miira and Torruhk lagging behind.

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