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Guild Wars 2 - Savyrius & Tenise

We meet again…

Savyrius sat down  close to the fire. While the weather in Divinity’s Reach never reached the freezing point, the day was cold. The wind came from the east and carried the cold from the Shiverpeaks into Kryta. Savyrius knew it would take another few days before the cold wind would leave Kryta.

Another gust of cold wind entered the bar as someone opened the door. Savyrius heard heavy boots walking towards the bar. The new patron was wearing a full armor set and took off the helmet. Savyrius glanced sideways and saw long dark hair falling down.

“A glass of your finest wine, please.” She said to the bartender. She put down the helmet on the bar stool next to her and did up her hair.

“One of your favorites. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you here, Tenise. I’m glad to see you’re still in one piece and that your face is unscathed. Wouldn’t want that pretty face mutilated.” The bartender said with a laugh.

“Always the charmer, Byron. That’s why I always wear my helmet, you know that. Just to please you.” She winked and took a sip of her wine.

“How are things at home?”

“Ah, ever busy with the three little ones at home. Amanda is always asking when you’re coming back. She misses playing with you. I tell her she should find more friends her age. And boys will be boys. They’re troublemakers, but Suzanna keeps them in check. One of them still has an imprint of her hand on his bottom, haha.” The bartender’s laugh overtook the entire bar and people turned around to see what was going on.

“Sir, could I have another beer?” asked Savyrius. The bartender turned to him and said “Sure thing”. Savyrius followed the actions of the man as he poured the beer. He caught the woman looking in his direction. She raised her glass and smiled at him. Savyrius received his pint and raised it to her.

She went back to her conversation with the bartender and he stared at his beer like it was the most interesting thing in the world. He had noticed the unusual colour of her eyes. That combined with her dark hair and tanned skin, he guessed she was also from Elonian descent. He knew his ancestor was the hero of Elona. Savyrius had inherited her affinity with magic and her name Savyr Belain. She’d moved to Lion’s Arch after her adventures. The family had settled there and only moved just before the initial attack on Lion’s Arch a few decades ago.

He looked at her again. She was charismatic and showed poise even while wearing heavy armor. He realised she needed more in her life than socialising and backroom politics. 

He focused on his pint again, afraid that he’d come off as a creep staring at a pretty woman.

Dinner time was approaching and a group of men left to have some family time. The bartender moved to clean up their table.

“I don’t see a lot of people from Elonian descent here.” The woman started talking to Savyrius.

“How do you know?” He looked up, surprised that she knew who he was.

“I try to stay informed even when I’m gone.” She said and winked at him.

Savyrius’ mouth fell open and he gaped at her for several seconds. The woman took another sip of her drink.

“I go where the wind takes me, but Divinity’s Reach will always be home.” He said, eventually looking at his pint again.

“I hope you don’t go where this wind is coming from. You’ll freeze to death,” she joked.

“No, it was actually the wind that brought me here, where it’s warm.” Savyrius smiled.

“I’m kidding though. I don’t know much, but I do know about you. My grandmother told me about other Elonian families that settled here. She told me there was one family that had a close connection with nature and the elements. They have more Krytan blood mixed with theirs than my family and maybe even Canthan blood. I became curious and I wanted to see who they were. I saw you when you were a kid, trying out a basic spell. I never thought I’d see you again. We meet again.” The woman turned towards him and held out her hand. “I’m Tenise Williams. I serve the people of Kryta and will do anything to protect Divinity’s Reach.”

Savyrius shook her hand and said, “My name is Savryius Belain, but you probably already knew that.” He smiled at her and saw her smile in return. He noticed how soft her hands were as she let go.

“Your hands are soft, As if you’ve never used a weapon before.” He realised he’d said something stupid and he turned away from her. “I’m sorry, it’s none of my business.” To his surprise she started laughing.

“You’re right. I keep my hands soft, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never wielded a weapon before. I don’t engage in close combat often and prefer the staff and sceptre. As a guardian I have my own set of magic spells to heal injuries. But I also know how to keep beauty around. I’m probably much older than you think I am.”

“Well, I’m twenty-six. If you saw me as a boy, and you were older, I’d say you’re in your late thirties?” he asked with caution. Asking about a woman’s age is always risky. His grandmother and mother punished him often enough to stop mentioning age around them. He bet on the safe side. Younger than he actually thought.

Tenise bursted out in laughter. “Byron, did you hear what he said? He actually thinks I’m in my late thirties. It’s a nice compliment though.” The bartender was washing glasses and turned around when he heard his name.

“Kid, she could’ve been your mother. She used to babysit me when I was a toddler.” Byron’s smile revealed a few black holes where teeth used to be. “Her healing powers affect her aging. How she does it, no one knows. It might be  one of the best kept secrets in all of Kryta. I heard Queen Jennah requested regular anti-aging sessions, but Tenise said she couldn’t do it. She would’ve been even richer than she is now.”

“Hey, you don’t have to give away all of my secrets. A woman needs some air of mystery around her, otherwise she loses her power and charisma.” Tenise snapped at the bartender, but he just waved away, laughing. He turned back to the dishes and whispered something about asking for it.

Savyrius looked at her with surprise. He never expected his guess to be off by so much. Her hair was a shiny dark brown and didn’t show any sign of white or gray hairs. Her skin was wrinkle free and probably as smooth as a baby’s bottom. If she’d said she was his age, he would’ve believed her without a doubt.

“Oh please, close your mouth. It’s rude to stare at a person like that.” Tenise waved her hand at him. She asked Byron for another glass of the same wine and a light snack. She picked up one of the egg rolls from the platter Byron put on the bar and bit off the end.

Savyrius finished his glass, left coin on the bar and wanted to walk away, but Tenise ordered him to stay a little longer. He didn’t know what she wanted of him, but he also didn’t dare to go against her wishes. He felt slightly intimidated by her, even when he had no reason to feel threatened. Maybe it was the air of authority with which she talked to him. He waited on his stool until she finished her egg rolls.

Tenise took her time to finish her light dinner. She didn’t look at him at all. Byron leaned forward to Savyrius and explained that Tenise doesn’t like to be disturbed while she’s eating. It was best to wait and then ask why he had to stay.

The woman paid, grabbed her helmet to put on and gestured Savyrius to follow her. “You better work some of that fire magic of yours before you freeze to death.” she said. The moment the two walked out of the tavern an icy wind greeted them. Savyrius lit his inner flame to keep him warm. His robe wasn’t going to be enough with a Shiverpeaks wind blowing through the city.

He followed her, but she wouldn’t say where they were going. “Somewhere warm”, that’s all she said. They walked through Divinity’s Reach until they reached the Elonian quarter. That wasn’t the official name, but most of the inhabitants of this district had an Elonian ancestor. They’d grouped together when Divinity’s Reach was first built, all sharing a common ancestry.

They walked along a walled garden that had a mansion hiding behind it. Tenise stopped in front of the ironwrought fence. It was obviously made by charr hands, but with grace and elegance. The fence was decorated with flowers and small animals not found in Kryta. He guessed they were from Elona.

“We’re here.” Tenise said as she took off her helmet and opened the door. “Welcome to my house.”

They passed through the hall and turned right. There they were met by an icy glare.

“This is Keeva. He helps me out when I’m not here. He knows everything about this library. You’re welcome to come here any time and Keeva will let you in and help you, should you need his help.” Tenise said introducing a tall, dark-skinned man with a sour look on his face. Savyrius noticed that the man didn’t have any facial hair. Not even eyebrows or eyelashes. It made him look even scarier. Tenise guided Savyrius into the library and whispered “Don’t mind his looks. He looks scary when he doesn’t smile, but he’s the sweetest man in the world.”

“Are you.. Is he..?” Savyrius stammered.

“What? My lover? My husband? Haha, none of that. We have a history together, but nothing intimately. I’ll let you figure it out yourself. If you read enough of these books, you’ll know.” She winked at the young man.

Savyrius looked at the shelves they passed: all of them held thick tomes, from the floor all the way to the six foot high ceiling. He knew the Durmand Priory had a grand library, the vault of all their knowledge and research, but this had to be the biggest private library in Kryta. “Why have I never heard of this library before?” he asked his host.

“I only show this to people who I trust and who will appreciate its contents. This is the life’s work of my family and many others. I’m sure we have some contributions from your family as well. I’ll have Keeva look it up, if you’re interested.”

Savyrius nodded.

They reached a wooden reading table covered in notes, pens, ink bottles and books. Tenise walked around the table and picked up a book. She handed it to Savyrius. “Check page 84.”

He turned to page 84 and saw his family tree. His own name was listed at the bottom.


Miira Lightbringer in Fried Moa Steak, a Guild Wars 2 fanfic

Fried Moa Steak

“Hey Miira, wait up!” Miira turned around and saw Torruhk running towards her. Miira noticed his injury was still as bad as before.

“It’s been a while since you came by and people told me you had left already,” he said, still catching his breath.

“Yeah, I left and now I’m back. Although not for long, Crusader Towerbreaker was looking for me. You know you shouldn’t be running,” Miira said and wanted to walk away again, shaking her head.

Torruhk grabbed her paw and looked her in the eye. “Please come by later. Let me cook for you and you can tell me what happened since I last saw you, for old time’s sake? I know our last meeting didn’t end well, but let’s forget that for now and meet as friends. Don’t make me run after you again.” Torruhk pleaded.

Miira thought back to this last meeting, before she left for Lion’s Arch. Torruhk had asked the impossible of her. How could she stay while Tyria needed her? She wasn’t even sure of her feelings for him. She’d always thought of him as a brother in her warband. Now he wasn’t even in her legion or warband. It would’ve ended badly. The look in his eyes betrayed his feelings. He still loved her. His loyalty was one of the things she liked about him.

“Fine, I’ll come by later, but I really have to go back to Lion’s Arch. And if what I fear is true, I’ll be even further from home by next week. I could do with a friendly evening.” She sighed and gave Torruhk a faint smile.

“I’ll make your favorite dinner. And know that you’ll always have a home to return to. I’ll be waiting.” A grin appeared on Torruhk’s face and he winked. He made a small leap of joy when he ran back to the inn’s kitchen.

Miira smiled and shook her head. He was still easily pleased, his words still lingered in her head.

“… You’ll always have a home to return to. I’ll be waiting…” This gave her a warm feeling in her gut. She was grateful. After everything that happened, home was an abstract thing. She didn’t know what it was. Torruhk reminded her that the Black Citadel was her home, the place where people knew her and some even loved her. After everything was over, she would return here.

“Miira, you’re finally here. I almost thought you left without saying goodbye.” Torruhk waved at her and urged her to sit at the bar. He grabbed a bowl and filled it with fried moa steak. “Nowhere crunchier, not even in Lion’s Arch.” He winked at her as he sat the bowl down in front of her and turned to pass her a glass of ale. “And the finest ale in all of Ascalon.”

“You’re the best, Torruhk. I really missed your cooking.” Miira grabbed the moa bone and ate the juicy meat from the bone. “No one can fry these as good as you, thanks.”

“You’re very welcome. I’m guessing it was a tough meeting with Towerbreaker? Since you only just got here.” Torruhk sat down at the other side of the bar, opposite of Miira, waving to a few patrons leaving.

“Rytlock was there too, but I’m not supposed to talk about it.” Miira’s voice lost its volume.

“Destiny’s Edge is involved? Then I can guess.” Torruhk frowned.

”I don’t have a good feeling about this mission, but I have no choice. If I don’t go, who will? I don’t know anyone who I would entrust with this mission.” Miira looked down at her ale.

“Ouch, that hurt.” Torruhk cringed, but he knew she didn’t mean it like that. Her eyes showed concern. She was always the one who looked at things rationally. If she said the mission was a dangerous one, it was. He felt regret that he couldn’t be with her during the mission.

“Nothing personal, but you’ve been away from the battlefield too long. Your injury won’t help you either. And you always made the wrong decisions when we were talking strategies.” Miira was surprised by his response. She didn’t mean to hurt her friend. When she looked up and saw a smile appearing on his face, she knew he was just messing around with her.

“Strategies, pah! I’d rather just bash someone’s skull in. Too bad you can’t do that with the ghosts around here.”

“Don’t tell me that’s the reason you became a cook.”

“Of course. Now I can chop all kinds of things, without getting weird looks. Plus I always get the flavour just right. The flavouring is my talent, the chopping bit is extra.” He grinned, revealing his sharp fangs.

“Why not go to Lion’s Arch? You’ll make more money there.”

“What’s this? Are you asking me to come with you? Haha, I couldn’t. The best moa meat is homegrown and I doubt those pesky humans can appreciate my dishes. They are made for charr tongues. If they want to try my food, they come here. What’s the use of the damn asura gate if you don’t use it?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” Miira looked down at her ale.

“Come on, Mi. No sad faces, not tonight. You know my place is here. This is my home and I really hope my cubs will call this their home too.” He put his paw on hers. “I hope you will call this home again someday.”

Miira looked up. “Thanks. I… I probably will.”

They stayed like that for a few moments without saying anything.

“I should probably go. They’re expecting me back.”Miira said, barely audibly.

“You know you don’t have to go, right? Even if your bed isn’t in the Black Citadel anymore that doesn’t mean there is no bed at all.”

“What are you suggesting? I thought it was a friendly dinner.” Miira pulled her paw back and narrowed her eyes.

“No, wait. What I meant was that you could use one of the rooms upstairs. I always try to keep one free, just in case. No one wants to rent it anyways because it’s quite expensive. But you can stay there for free. I know what you did for all of us and it feels wrong to charge a hero.” He put a key on the bar and took away the empty bowl and glass. He turned around to wash them when Miira picked up the key and looked at it.

“Will you make me breakfast tomorrow?”

“Of course, Mi. Who else makes the most delicious pancakes in all of Tyria?” he said.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight.”

“Rest well, Miira Lightbringer. Bring the light back to these dark parts. If you hear anything, I’m never far away.” Torruhk kept his back to her, to conceal the tears in his eyes. He loved her and he knew he would have to let her go again. For him it was already a small victory that she stayed another night.

After a short night, Miira walked down to the dining area. Torruhk was already preparing breakfast. She walked over to the bar and sat down on the same stool as the evening before. “Good morning” she said.

He turned around with a smile and a frying pan filled with scrambled eggs. “Hi. Did you sleep well? The other tenants weren’t too noisy? As promised. Your breakfast, miss.”

“You promised me pancakes. Now I’m having eggs? Not that I’m complaining, becauseeverything you make is delicious.” Miira looked up from her plate to her friend.

“Who says I’m done?” He grinned and stepped aside. Behind him on the prep table were pancakes, cookies and sandwiches.

“I may be charr, but I can’t eat that much.”

“That’s also your lunch. I know you have things to do, people to see. It’ll save you some time if you don’t have to stop for lunch. Eat all you want and I’ll wrap up the rest.”

“Thanks.” She said and finished the eggs and the pancakes.

Torruhk told stories of their old friends, the cubs playing pranks on him and the tavern brawls over women. He always had a knack for telling stories, using his whole body to illustrate what happened.

“Thanks for everything, Tor. I’ll be back soon for some more pancakes.” She got up and turned around to go to her room and pack her stuff.

“You’d better. And bring me some war stories. Things get a little dull around here. And remember, there’s always a bed for you here.” Torruhk said while Miira walked away. She put up a paw to show she heard him, just as she used to do when they were kids and he shouted things at her.

When she came back downstairs, her lunch was packed and the dishes were clean. Torruhk looked at her, slightly troubled. “Can you do something for me, Mi? If you find ghost peppers, bring me back some. Varian is trying to rip me off, by creating scarcity. I know it has nothing to do with scarcity, but with a lack of balls.”

“Sure. I’ll keep my eye out.” She knew ghost peppers only grew in dangerous places. She’d seen them in Orr once. She was on her way there anyway, so bringing back some ghost peppers was the least she could do.

“You’re the best, Mi.” Torruhk winked at her.

“I’ll be off then. See you soon, Tor.” Miira picked up her lunch and her bags.

Torruhk nodded to her, but didn’t say anything. He knew she would be back soon. She had too. When ghost peppers are harvested, they have to be processed soon. If he was lucky, he’d see her again within a fortnight. Miira walked towards the door and turned around one last time. He saw her smile, the one he fell in love with years ago, just before she disappeared from view.

Guild Wars 2 Strider's Armor

First Guild Wars 2 fanfic

This is my first attempt at real fan fiction. The characters featured in my stories are my own and of my friends. The world of Tyria and all the things related to the Guild Wars franchise are of course ArenaNet’s.

This isn’t the story where all the characters are introduced, but you’ll get to know what kind of people they are from their interaction with each other. I’ll write more stories about these and other characters, switching them up.

Please let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter.

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Character Creation Guild Wars

Creating Your Character

I’m part of this year’s Newbie Blogger Initiave (see the badge on the right) and they asked the community to either give advice or write guides for beginning game bloggers. One of the topics I’m personally very interested in is creative writing. I’m working on my own game and novel at the moment. One thing that’s very closely related to creative writing is character creation.

In RPGs, you have the chance to create an avatar. In some cases, you can even add the background story of your character to its bio so other players can read it as well. I never add a background story for my avatar. I don’t know them until I start playing. My character’s story grew by playing the game. This also keeps me from writing a universe inaccurate background story.

The role-playing aspect made this character not an avatar of me or a set protagonist in a story, but I could make any character I want and let them experience a story with the choices I make. These choices shouldn’t just be something you pick at random. What good would it do to make a good decision now and then cancel it out later with an evil decision? Most of these games have neutral options if you want to stay neutral.

To guide me through the decision-making progress I started writing the background stories of the characters and these stories became more complex each time I took a decision. Why would my character save this murderer? Sure, he followed bad advice, but he still killed dozens of people. Does my character show him mercy, or does she kill him on the spot? I don’t just think about the what, but also about the why. Why does she make these decisions.

If you write down the ‘why’s and turn into a narrative, congrats! You’ve written your first fan fiction for the game.

I know there are bloggers out there who keep a weekly diary of their characters living in the MMO-world. I play and read a lot of Guild Wars 2 blogs and these diaries are fun to read. It’s an excellent way to get more involved in the world and the lore.

Have you written any character diaries or background story? Please leave a link in the comments so I can check them out!


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